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Video & Design Content Services

Listed below are the kinds of services I offer, and their starting prices. Keep in mind all projects are different and will be budgeted according to the amount of work involved, and the investment you're ready to make in your content, so I have created a simple form where you can describe your particular needs and I can get in touch with you with the most accurate quote possible.

Some of my past projects include Facebook videos with over 24,000 views and nearly 400 shares, I've also created Animated typography viral videos for businesses that have attracted tourists, locals, and existing customers alike. I have also created videos for record labels promoting and sharing music with YouTube.

Logo & Graphic Design: starting at $100

This includes revisions and consultations.

Head over to the Project Proposal Form page and tell me about your design needs.

Illustration & Portraits: starting at $100

Includes one character up to full-body poses, and a simple background. Additional characters and more complex backgrounds are available to be created.

Head over to the Project Proposal Form page and tell me about your illustration needs.

Motion Graphics: starting at $100 / Minute

Base price includes one minute of informational graphics to illustrate a point in an engaging way. This can also include an animated logo, OR, an animated cover video for a Facebook page. For instagram videos, this includes a consultation on back-end tricks to increase visibility, and why it will work.

Head over to the Project Proposal Form page and tell me what kind of motion graphics you would like for your project.

Animation: starting at $200 / Minute

This includes script copy, and option to target for ad spend. Price includes animation sequences only, for example, a 5 minute looping animation of a 30 second sequence will cost $100. Head over to the Animation Section to see examples.

For character animation, portrait commission rates apply for character production costs.

Head over to the Project Proposal Form page to tell me about the animation you have in mind!

Video Editing and Effects

YouTube videos, captioning, beatmatching effects, and motion graphics - you name it, I'll create it. This is a sliding scale depending on the level of effort involved.

Head over to the Project Proposal Form page to tell me how I can boost your game in video!

Live Revision Sessions with All Projects

For all projects, I offer a screen-shared fine-tuning session where we'll live edit the project until satisfied. This is the equivalent of you getting to look over my shoulder while I assemble your production, and we can make any and all changes necessary to get the project to an exact fit for your brand. This saves money for my clients, and time for me, as oppossed to passing revised files back and forth with minor edits each time.

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