Graphic Design




Brett Warniers is a digital artist, animator, and wizard from Massachusetts. He has transplanted to the forest valley by the waterfall in Asheville, North Carolina, where he continues to explore the weird infinity of the matrix grid.


He began experimenting with Photoshop and 3D animation in the early 2000's.


He still experiments with Photoshop and 3D animation every day.


Projects lately have included the development of Quantum Soup, an animated series on YouTube, along with various digital paintings one can see on the home page of this website.


His goals have always included making the picture move and talk.



There are dozens of episodes of Quantum Soup waiting to be animated and put into reality and fracture paradigms and blow minds. If you want to fund this guy so he can hire animators, marketing specialists, and voice talent, let's get in touch (contact page here) and make some magic happen! Literally dozens of episode ideas are on an important piece of paper and it keeps getting bigger!


He lives in here


Thank you for visiting my website. I truly appreciate you taking an interest in my work :)