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Animation of Brett Warniers

Quantum Soup

Episode 4 is out now!

First official Quantum Soup merchandise now available! Check out the tapestries available on RedBubble

Hyperion - Faya's Flying Saucer Visuals

Seamless Loops of the interior of Hyperion, the environment of episode 4 of Quantum Soup. Exterior, interior, above and below, these DXV3 loops will take projected visuals to the deepest corners of space.

What is Quantum Soup?

Quantum Soup is a cartoon series created by animator and artist Brett Warniers. It follows the a story of a guy who mysteriously teleports to an alien planet, where he meets many friendly, quirky, and outrageous creatures using technology unlike anything he's ever seen before. He is quickly swept up in the activities of his new friends, who primarily inhabit a planet with civilizations and societies who have advanced in ways our Human has never seen before. Befuddled and amazed, he links up with a quantum engineer, who creates propulsion generators for interstellar vehicles.

The intention behind the show is to familiarize ourselves with the new challenges we are faced with the ever evolving technology of our own human species. We are more connected than we ever have been before, the world has been made smaller by advancements in communication and travel. As we grow, blossom, thrive, stumble, crash, and fall into the future, we have a need for media that helps us consider new solutions to new problems and challenges. Quantum Soup is a show for all ages that intends to provide entertaining media that reflects our direction in history.

Episode 5 is currently in production. The platform for support (Patreon) will be up soon. For now, you can support Quantum Soup by interacting with our social media accounts!

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Astral Monkey: The Mellowing Meadows

An animated collaboration with celestial producing duo Astral Monkey!

Watch the trailer below, or watch the full music video on Facebook

Composited with After Effects, animated in Animate CC, artwork made in Photoshop. I think I used Illustrator some too.

The Astral Monkey project has come to its conclusion. However, the music video for Mellowing Meadows remains one of my greatest accomplishments in animation. You can still watch the full music video on my Facebook page


Visuals Loops

Many of my animations are available for download as seamless loops on my GumRoad page (link below). All in DXV3 and MP4 for Resolume, and other software projection visuals.

Full compilation:

Download Visuals Here

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