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The Noodle Core

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Futuretro Dreams

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Deserted Digital

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The Psycabin

Deep in the forest valley by the waterfall, there is a hidden world. Between the bouyant trails in the rhododendron underbrush, there lay a pathway to a world not always accessible. A world just beyond the bounds of perception. A look closer, and notice an entire universe just under soft foot. Each step passes by another elaborate space designed by the thriving matrix of life, ebbed by the constant flow of water.

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This will take you home, but is that really where you want to go?

There was a time when I was beckoned by far off lands. These lands lay in a realm nearly untouched by man, I did not know how to get there, or even where they were, but they called to me and I listened. It kept me up at night as a child, and I'll never forget those half-dreams where I witnessed villages all under one great roof on a crystaline hillside using technology powered by perpetual energy. Kitchen floors were grass, and ropes dominated the wild domestic airwaves as plants swam freely in the protected open spaces. I spent days in daydream revisiting this bizarre place that seemed so familiar yet so far away.

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Fairy Festivals of the Inner Earth

Far away, deep within the realms of our planet, there is a hidden sun. Orbiting this hidden sun is a land where the horizon stretches upward, type one civilizations of all shapes and sizes live, thrive, and survive here, be they made of flesh, bacteria, or light. In this rare land, there is an event that is even rarer, a crossing of the dimensions of sort when a great juxtaposition from the outer solar system opens an inexplicable opportuinty for the light fairies. Casting forth each of their elemental powers at the cross of leylines in a pristine and cared for body of water, the weird creautres of this odd world gather as alchemical totems in the shape of wiggling wobbling noodles are manifested like ectoplasm. What this event is for, is unknown even to the wise inhabitants of this inner world, but it has created a spectacle that is equally fascinating in the amount of speculation it has created.

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Psytopia: part one

Life is hard. There comes a time and place where we must let loose of the dynamic high-functioning self we establish as members of society. Life gives us challenges. Life gives us opportunity. We give ourselves the ability to celebrate. But hey, What's something you like about yourself? What odds have you overcome in your life? Where have you been? Where do you want to go? What makes you You? What are fascinated with? What do you daydream about? You're all unique creatures with unique desires. You deserve to be proud of who you are!

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Thought Space

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A Great Place in Space

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Cathedral of Consciousness

The tall cielings of cathedrals were designed to encapsulate the great heavens in connection with stone formed deep within the Earth, bridging the gap between humankind and the divine source of all being. Our universe contains mathematical constants that are present throughout not only all of life, but our technology as well. Form and function are one and the same, 2017 is an incredible year to be alive, as we are seeing that gap between science and spirituality grow ever closer together.

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