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Digital Paintings

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Sky Gardens, 2023

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The precipace of night and day, from the blooming highland meadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains

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Secret Spot, 2022

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A quiet spot with a roaring serpentine waterfall, the mystical water temples of the Earth's forests

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Onward, 2022

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Summit-crossed journeys over the ancient ridgeline. Following the light language on the wind, step by step, we travel onward, into new places, and becoming new people.

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Strawberry Moon, 2021

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Moonlight Journeys with new friends, in search of awe and wonder for the cosmos on the shortest night of the year. The warm, delicious mountain breeze of this celestial alignment is a once-a-year sight to behold. This is the Strawberry Moon.

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Skinny Dip Falls, 2021

Skinny Dip Falls

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The spring reveals refreshing cascades, blossoming in the valleys and mountains. The mystic explorer is rewarded for their journey with temple pools.

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World Gate, 2021

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The World Tree floating amidst the cosmos beckons you to a reality beyond imagination. This image is an artifact of my wise and obnoxious inner voices.

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Winter at Shining Rock, 2021

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A brilliant megalithic quartz vortex sits atop the high realms of the mountains, in the most inaccessable time of year. This is Shining Rock - in Winter.

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Crabtree Falls, 2020

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Adventure in the mountains, and discover the mystic treasures nature has to offer. 10% of sales go to the Waterfall Keepers of NC, who maintain the magic of Blue Ridge mountain cascades for generations to come!

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Ivestor's Gap, 2020

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Mystical spirits reveal themselves to the intrepid explorers of consciousness.

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Stewards of Nature, 2020

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Experiences in pristine nature. Wandering the forests with a sense of awe.

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Cat Gap, 2020

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From miles and miles away, great granite plutons and their stoic cliffs can be seen watching over the forest.

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Waterfall Spirits, 2020

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Deep within fertile forests, in the ancient cascading creeks where the mountains mingle with heavens - there are flowing temples.

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Spirit Technology, 2020

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Emotion, a search for meaning, and our relationship with machines. Humankind has never experienced anything like this.

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TechnoColor Captivation, 2020

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Careful placement of color and shape for enhancing pure flow state. A vibrant mandala expressing creative joy.

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Angel of Nightmares, 2019

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A mysterious dreamwalker pays a visit. This entity carries with it a deep message from beyond the veil.

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Wolfcat Starrider, 2019

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Relaxing under moonlight in the waterfall lagoon with the canine companion. This is WolfCat StarRider.

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FutuRetro Dreams

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Star-crossed wanderers find a twin flame in a visionary-future world.

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The Psy-Cabin

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A mystical cabin in the lush bamboo forest beckons a bewildering vibe.

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Deserted Digital

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A story of struggle in the digital age - the ruthless journey towards the promised land.

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Cathedral of Consciousness

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The temple is a body of unity between the physical and the spirit realms. Towering chambers encapsulate the divine magic of the heavens, carrying it down to the Earth through magnificient stone columns. The energy is channeled across intricate sacred geometric stone and gem work, giving it the esoteric welcome it deserves as this omnipotent aura charges our imagination.

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About the Artist ~

Brett Warniers is a digital artist and animator from Asheville, North Carolina. Enticed into neon netherworlds of dream architecture each night, he follows the instructions from his visions, creating a synthesis of digital fantasy and new-age surrealism. A multimedia artist, he has created large scale digital paintings with exquisite detail, a cartoon from another planet called "Quantum Soup", and a catalog of trippy retro-futurist visuals. All of his art has a simple message behind each story - an interpretation of the code for finding our own personal fulfillment in life.

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