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Latest Artwork

Sky Gardens

Standing on the precipice of day and night, a dazzling array of colors erupts from the horizon and fills the air with an effervescent glow. Clouds show their secret codes, while the plants of the high mountain meadow dance in the cool winds blowing across the world. Read more in the Gallery

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Strawberry Moon Strawberry Moon Strawberry Moon

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Quantum Soup

The latest developments in this animated universe

Quantum Soup on YouTube:

Quantum Soup

is the story of a guy who mysteriously transports to an alien planet. He is quickly swept up in the activities of the locals, who belong to civilizations with technological and societal advancements in ways our Human has never seen before. Befuddled, confused, and amazed, he links up with a quantum engineer named Faya, who creates propulsion generators for interstellar vehicles in hopes that she can transport him back to Earth.

You can watch all episodes on the Official Quantum Soup Facebook Page.


Many of my animations are available for download to be used in Projection Mapping, Music videos, and more.

Visit the Animation page to learn more, or check out the library at the link below:

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